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In addition to the different experts in different domain (Technical, end-user and ethical) involved in the project as partners, SmartPrevent will benefit from an advising collaboration of this advisory board group, composed by end-users Law Enforcement Agencies and ethical experts with the main objective to provide feedback on the detection of Petty Crime Incidents, the identification of the information needed by end users in real work operation, ethical and legal issues for video surveillance system and any relevant activity of the project. 





The city of Valencia has a metropolitan area which reaches over 1.500.000 inhabitants. It is, in terms of population, the 3rd largest city in Spain.  Valencia Local Police consists of more than 1600 police officers. The duties of the Valencia Local Police (PLV) are wide, ranging from surveillance and road traffic control, to maintaining citizen security and safety, administrative police, community police, domestic violence, mediation police, fight against crime, management of emergencies, environmental police, etc. Overall it is one of the most active local police in Spain due to their continuous innovation in technology. Its Centre of Security and Emergencies is the best example of innovation in police management by using ICTs tools, as well as a great test bed for pilot experiences and testings.






Trilateral Research is a London-based Limited company, created in October 2004. It specialises in research and the provision of data science tools associated with data governance (including risk assessment, privacy and data protection requirements) and data analytics. Trilateral is involved in a number of projects on the social, ethical, innovation and legal impacts of new data practices, and the assessment of legal, social and ethical requirements associated with data collection, data analytics and the convergence of new technological developments. Our focus is on assessing these impacts and evaluating systems to determine solutions to enhance innovation whilst ensuring responsible big data practices. We do so by working with a variety of stakeholders ranging from technical specialists, policy-makers and citizen groups. Trilateral has extensive experience in conducting gap analyses of existing systems in order to understand user needs, as well as requirements related to usability and societal issues.



ECIJA Law Firm


With over 15 years of experience, we have positioned ourselves as one of the best multidisciplinary and independent firms in the Spanish market, as accredited by the most prestigious international directories, offering comprehensive legal services regarding regulatory compliance and information security. In Madrid, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile and Miami, ECIJA has a multidisciplinary team of over 100 professionals, with exceptional experience in their areas of specialisation, enabled to work in different jurisdictions, with extensive knowledge of the different sectors and international markets. We are the leading company in Spain for Technology, Media and Telecommunications law, and have become the number one full service company.





The Municipal Police of Madrid is an armed civil institution, with hierarchical structure and organization, carrying out its competences in terms of security and coexistence. Madrid Municipal Police is organized in Inspections, Sub-inspections and Units of two types: territorial and specialized.

For a population of almost 3.5 million, Madrid Police counts with a workforce of 6500 police officers, the largest local Force in Spain. Its 22 Districts Units are primarily responsible for monitoring public spaces, ensuring coexistence and avoiding normal committing criminal acts, exercise appropriate administrative tasks and work in regulating traffic and ensuring safety in the school environment. In addition, 18 Specialized Units with specific tasks such as public safety, road safety, judicial police, environment, gender and domestic violence are also part of Madrid Municipal Police.




The research leading to this results has received funding from the European Union

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under agreement nº 606952