P-REACT project invites SmartPrevent to the Final project trials in Bologna.

The SmartPrevent project has participated in the final P-REACT Trial that was conducted in Bologna on 31st of March. The trial in Bologna will be related to test use cases in outdoor environment, investigating anti-social behaviours and petty crimes in public transportation areas.

SmartPrevent project presentation was included in EU project special Session  where more than 40 targeted stakeholders and potential end users – coming from organising and public authorities, law enforcement and security agencies, transport companies and operators, researchers and developers -, were introduced to the SmartPrevent system.

The meeting was a great opportunity to share project results and technical challenges with several sister EU projects attending the event. 




The research leading to this results has received funding from the European Union

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under agreement nº 606952